Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 1775 West 55th Avenue, Denver, CO 80221.

Can you train at my office or job site?

Yes!  We are available to train at our office in Denver or at any other facility of your choosing. We require a minimum of 5 students for our Denver location and 10 students for offsite / client facilities.

I do not see the class I need on your calendar, will you set up a class for me?

Yes, we will schedule and arrange any of our classes to be held on your schedule (pending regulatory review and approval). We charge an additional $25.00 per person fee for emergency classes (without 10 business day notice) and we need a minimum of 5 students to hold courses at our Denver location.

Do you offer group or non-profit discounts?

Yes!  Just ask us before you register and we will give you the discount code!

What do I need to bring to my training class (online or live classroom)?

Please bring a current photo ID to both online and live classroom courses. Please also bring your last year’s certification and payment to the live classroom if you did not complete your registration with us. CHC Training will supply all course materials (manuals, handouts, regulations), pens, notepads and highlighters.

Live classroom students: Homemade pastries, coffee, soda, water and many more treats are served at every class.

Online course students: Course materials will be shipped via FREE ground shipping before the course begins (registrations completed 10 days in advance). Discounted overnight and 2-day shipping is also available for an additional fee.

What states are you authorized to instruct in?

CHC Training holds accreditation/ approvals for live classes in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Our online AHERA refresher class completion certificates are valid in AL, AK, AZ, FL, GA*, IA, ID, KS, NV, PA*, RI, TN, UT, WA* & WY. Coming soon in 2018 we will be adding Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and New York to this list. All other live and online courses hold Nationwide approvals. It is recommended that you verify applicability of our certifications with your local state agency prior to registration.

How do I access my online course once registered?

Online AHERA, Awareness, Silica and RRP Refresher courses can be accessed at Registration and payment for additional classes (online and live) is available at Some of our online courses are taught through a partnership with Enrollment and payment processing can be completed through our partner site by selecting an applicable course at Login for our 360training partner courses can be accessed at

I am experiencing difficulties with your website or my online training class, what do I do?

For technological issues, contact Support at or at (855) 60-CERTIFY
For registration / payment issues, contact Ana Favela at or at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784)

Can I order and pay for other manuals or regulatory documents?

Yes! Our online marketplace can be accessed 24/7 at

How do I get a reprint / duplicate certificate?

Either contact Ana Favela at or via phone at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) (M-F 8am – 4pm, MST). Or fill out our online replacement certificate request form.

Replacement certificates are $15 each with FREE US domestic shipping.

My current certificate is expired, is there a courtesy period when I can still take a refresher course?

Students have 2 years from the final facility examination date to complete a refresher course (Asbestos classes only). After 2 years, an initial course must be taken to re-certify. All other certifications must be renewed prior to the date listed on the certificate.

What is the difference between online and live classroom courses?

CHC Training takes a learner-centric approach to course development and instruction which means you can select which medium is a best fit for your learning style. Our live classroom courses are taught in a climate controlled environment that is tailored to your comfort and to meet your needs. The classroom size varies between 5 – 18 students and is taught by a specific assigned and local instructor. Live classroom courses are ideal for students that prefer human interaction, lecture styled instruction and live group participation. They are also great resources for discovering local industry trends. Online classrooms are ideal for students that prefer to learn interactively, remotely and self-guided. They are also great resources for interactive course models that cannot be found in live classroom settings (think completing a virtual asbestos building inspection and report!) as well as learning more about national industry trends. Online courses are not guided by the instructor, rather the contact with the instructor can be made through an internal chat feature.

Both online and live classroom courses will require the same amount of learning time, as per applicable regulation.

What technology is required for an online course?

Students will need speakers for sound, web camera for identification verification only, a reliable Internet connection, a desktop or laptop computer (no tablet or smartphones), keyboard and mouse. We offer loaner devices under our Technology Loaner Program. Inquire for more information!

Do I need to be technological savvy to take an online course?

No! Our online courses were crafted with you in mind and are simple to navigate. If you can complete the online registration for the course, you have the skills necessary to succeed online! If you need help, please contact Support at or at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) any time before your course start date and time.


I was not able to complete the course online during my initial 30 day window. What do I do?

Email Support at or call (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) as soon as possible. Please give a reason for not being able to finish the class and we will respond with the next steps. As long as less than 50% of the class is completed, we are able to offer a refund. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information. Additional 30 day time blocks can be purchased for $15.