NIOSH 582e 40hrs

Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 16

Course Length: 40hrs
Tuition: 900

This 5-day course focuses on air sampling analysis for fibers by phase contrast microscopy using the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) method 7400. It is designed as an equivalent in structure and objectives to the NIOSH equivalent course number 582e (Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dust). It is intended to fulfill the mandatory analyst training requirements (OSHA) asbestos regulations for Construction and General Industries (29 CFR 1926.1101 and 1910.1001). College level algebra and physics are helpful.

*Student must bring microscope to class.

Course Topics

  • Introduction/Health Effects/Overview of Asbestos
  • Asbestos Regulations
  • Sampling
  • Sample Receipt, Handling and Preparation
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • NIOSH 7400 Method Analysis and Counting Rules
  • Results Reporting
  • NIOSH 7400 Method Quality Control and Statistics
  • Homework, Review, Quizzes and Final Exam

Regulations Satisfied

  • OSHA Asbestos Regulations for Construction and General Industries (29 CFR 1926.1101 and 1910.1001)

Lesson Plan

01 Course Overview and Introduction

Registration and course introduction, Course objectives, Criteria for Successful Completion of Course (Attendance, passing grades for quizzes, filter analysis practical and written exam), Policy on failure to successfully complete the course, Asbestos mineralogy and types and Health effects

02 Asbestos Regulations

Regulatory bodies (i.e., NIOSH, EPA, OSHA), Federal regulatory requirements, and Proficiency programs (i.e., AIHA Proficiency Testing Programs, LLC IHPAT, AAT)

03 Sampling

Types of air filter cassettes, Respiratory protection, Pumps, Types of samples, Sampling strategies (development of sampling strategies, pump placement, number of samples, blanks), Optimal fiber loading (what is optimal fiber loading and how do you achieve it), Sampling calibrations (primary and secondary calibration standards, hands-on pump calibration), and Sampling calculations (volume of air sampled, personal exposure limit, time weighted average, effective filtration area)

04 Sample Receiving, Handling and Preparation

Sample acceptance and rejection, Unique sample identification, Chain of Custody, Sample preparation techniques and Hands-on sample preparation

05 Phase Contrast Microscopy

Basics of phase optics, Components and function of PCM, Microscope alignment (Kohler illumination, phase ring centering, light intensity adjustment), Microscope calibration (Field area determination with Stage micrometer, use of Walton Beckett graticule and HSE/NPL resolution test slide), Microscope maintenance and cleaning, Basic understanding of what effects resolution, magnification, and image quality

06 NIOSH 7400 Method – Analysis and Counting Rules

Overview of the method, A and B counting rules, Fiber counting examples: drawings and figures, Procedure to count random fields, Fiber counting worksheets: what should be recorded (date, sample ID, analyst name), Hands-on fiber counting, Basic understanding of other fiber counting/identification methods (PLM, TEM, SEM)

07 Results Reporting

Calculations (Fiber concentration (f/cc), fiber density (f/mm2 ), blanks in relation to calculations, limit of detection)

08 NIOSH 7400 Method – Quality Control and Statistics

Statistics (introduction to statistics, statistical calculations of the method including standard deviation and relative standard deviation, coefficient of variation and upper and lower control limits). Quality control (purpose of quality control, reference slides, recounts, round robin programs), Variance in the method

09 Homework, Review, Quizzes and Final Exam

Filter analysis practical, The results of practical exam shall demonstrate that the student can produce 95% of results within 3SD of the historical mean for the sample. At least 5 slides must comprise the practical exam and these slides must be representative of different asbestos/fiber types and fiber loading ranges. Written Exam and Passing grade of at least 70%


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