About Us

CHC Training is the go-to source for expert environmental training offered in both online and live classroom formats. All courses were designed by instructors and course developers using a learner-focused approach, which means you get a useful, and more effective training experience.

Operating under a different company name, CHC Training has been teaching in Colorado and Wyoming since 2007. In 2015, CHC Training Founders, Dan and Danaya, decided to revolutionize the environmental training industry by completely redesigning antiquated OSHA and EPA curriculums to be more student-focused and modern. This innovative approach resulted in the creation of highly interactive online and live courses that emphasize the practicality of federal and state regulations for the hazardous material and construction trades. CHC Training is known for their innate ability to meld regulatory guidance with engaging, responsive modules to effectively prepare students for their careers. In every class, students receive current, real-world customized content that they can take out of the classroom and into the field, guaranteed.