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Hazardous Materials Removal Training

CHC Training offers detailed training courses related to the removal of potentially hazardous materials—asbestos, lead, mold and methamphetamine.

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Learn From the Experts

Customized Training

From erecting containments to taking building materials into the laboratory for sampling, CHC Training knows the hazardous material industry and customizes each class based on the student needs and backgrounds.

About CHC Training

What Sets Our Training Apart

After 8 years of researching educational and vocational trends and certification options, it was clear that the industry was ready for something new. We started CHC Training so you could access certification solutions that are expertly designed to fit your wants and needs. No more classes held in warehouses, boring lessons or poor instructors! Our training courses go beyond simple lectures, and include videos, slideshows, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and more!

Online and Classroom Training Classes

We understand that every student is unique. We offer a variety of locations and learning mediums so you have the best possible experience. Online learners can renew certifications from the comfort of their home or office, while classroom students are catered to from the moment they enter our facility. Whatever your preference, CHC Training has classes tailored to fit your needs.